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Drop Pearl Earrings Styling Tips – When and How to Wear?

Pearl danglers and drops are making an appearance on red carpets and glamorous events. Celebrities are seen wearing single dangling pearl surrounded with sparkling gems or kept simple. These drop earrings can be saved for special occasions that can make them stand out.

You can even wear them often as a special treat. Actually, they blend well with more formal look, so you can witness celebrities wearing them on red carpet events rather than at some informal cocktail party.

How to wear pearl danglers or drop earrings?

Consider skin tone

Pearls offer your skin luminous glow. Drop pearls earrings improve your facial features.

  • For pale skin with cool undertones choose pink colored pearl danglers.
  • For olive, tanned skin with warm undertones lavender or black pearl danglers will look great.
  • White pearls of any size and design will compliment every kind of skin.

Consider your physique size

  • For petite choose small and simple jewelry piece, so that the jewelry does not look overpowering.
  • For tall, well-built women pick bold jewelry. Pearl chandeliers add glamour and turn heads.

When to wear drop earrings?

Few intrinsic and extrinsic variable needs to be considered.

Intrinsic variable depends on pearl type as well as the earring’s metal, setting and size.

  • Basic drop earrings can be worn comfortably all day long with formal or casual outfits. To make them more powerful for high end event pair them with multi-strand pearl bracelet.
  • Semi-formal drop earrings can be mixed and balanced with simple designs. A single characteristic, usually the length makes them suitable for formal business or more elegant event.
  • Form chandelier or drop earrings re the ‘wow’ jewelry pieces. They are heavy, long, elaborate and massive suitable for weddings, fancy dinner dates, red carpet style events and more.

Metal & accompanying gemstones with pearl danglers

  • Silver, platinum and white gold blend well with all kinds of pearl colors and shades making them look and feel clean and contemporary.
  • Yellow gold plays on vintage style more but are elegant and best for high end formal occasions.
  • Gemstones like diamonds, emerald, ruby and other precious stones add sparkle and color to the pearl chandeliers making them interesting and valuable. Such statement pieces can be worn with evening gowns at high end occasions.

Extrinsic variables are the hairstyle and the outfit you opt to wear. When you decide to wear pearl, danglers choose to tie hair up, so that the earrings get noticed. Small pearl drop danglers work well with strapless dress, plunging necklines and silky shirts.


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