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Some Helpful Tips For Translating Official Documents

However, the service is performed slightly differently from other types of translation, including being performed by professionals who need to be duly registered with the Commercial Registry of their States, among other special requirements.

Pay Attention To The Layout Of The Document.

Another big difference that the sworn translation of documents presents concerning others is that the translated document must be standardized in all cases.

When it comes to a simple translation or a technical translation, the translated content can be delivered in print, in a digital file, or in the way that has been agreed with the client, meaning there is a wide range of options.

This does not apply to the sworn translation of documents. Regardless of what the original document looks like, the translated content will always be placed on the translator’s standardized letterhead, meaning the translation will never have the same format and layout as the original document.

Clients must know this so that they are not surprised when they receive the translation in a format different from what they might imagine but will follow the necessary legal requirements.

Study The Local Culture

Although this is not a simple translation in the document translator (penerjemah dokumen which is the term in Thai), which usually deals with cultural details, it is essential that the professional also knows the culture of the countries of the documents with which he works.

This does not mean that he has to be an absolute connoisseur about these matters. Still, he must have a good notion and know where to turn to more information on the excellent performance of his professional activities.

In this way, if they come across a term or expression with a cultural connotation, the translator will know how to deal with the sworn translation of documents to guarantee their quality.


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