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Extra Services Your Laundromat Can Provide

Laundromat owners need to know what they should include with their business. It isn’t only about offering the basic laundry services, but to go beyond what’s expected for better customer service and profits. That way, you can earn more profit and have extra for expenses like rent and commercial laundry parts from Laundry Replacement Parts.

But besides providing laundry equipment for people to wash their clothes in, what other services can you give? Check out these smart ideas!

  1. Wash-Dry-Fold

This is a complete laundry option for customers on the go. Customers can simply drop off their laundry for a staff member to take care of from start to finish. Usually, laundromats would charge by the pound for these services or offer a general flat-rate.

While this service would need more staffing, it’s an excellent option to reach businesses and customers willing to pay extra to have their clothes done.

You can also offer a dry and fold service, so customers will load their laundry in the washing machine, leaving it for staff members to care for the drying and folding part.

  1. Delivery and Rush Services

Go a step further from the wash-fold-dry service by adding delivery and rush services! This adds more convenience to customers, where you bring their clean and folded laundry to their address for an extra fee, saving them time and effort from picking it up.

You can even add a rush option for another extra fee for those in a hurry and who can’t wait for the usual service period. This is a convenient way to earn more to pay for equipment maintenance, dexter laundry parts, and the like.

  1. Vending Machines

Vending machines are considered more of an amenity than services, but they are a great option to earn more if you don’t have it in the laundromat yet. There are many types of vending machines to choose from, depending on what your customers want and need.

For instance, you can invest in a food and beverage vending machine for customers to munch on while waiting for their clothes. Or you can also offer laundry detergent vending machines for those who didn’t bring their own products, which helps increase revenue.

  1. Hybrid Laundromat

Hybrid laundromats are becoming more and more popular, particularly in urban locations. Combine the laundromat with another business model, like a bar, bakery, or café. That way, you can reach an entirely different market, which builds loyalty and brand awareness.

Food and beverage businesses add revenue streams and has people stay longer, which results in more profit. While you’ll need more staff and additional busines permits or licenses, it’s a good way to expand and attract even more customers.

  1. Over-the-Counter Sales

If you want to grow this year, try offering products and merchandise over-the-counter, like clothes or swag that features your busines logo. You can also sell laundry necessities such as bags, baskets, detergents, or stain removers.

Wrapping It Up

What are you waiting for? Consider offering these services and reach your business goals!


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