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5 reasons why you should hire security for your next event

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If you’re planning to host an event in the coming months, you’ll likely have a hundred and one things on your list. Below, we’ve put together yet another one to add to your seemingly endless list of duties: security, and reveal reasons why it’s a must-have.

Reassure guests

In today’s uncertain times with terrorist attacks, stabbings and shootings, adding a security guard to your event can give your guests and employees some added reassurance and peace of mind. The truth is that you cannot guarantee that your event will be totally free of hassle, but knowing you have a professional on hand to help if things go wrong can help.

Comply with regulations

Laws and regulations are constantly changing in today’s COVID-19 era, so if you’re hoping to stay compliant at all times, a security guard can help you. For instance, if you need to comply with social distancing, mask wearing, or hand-washing, then your security guard can brief guests as they arrive. Booking security in advance ensures you’ll be covered under any eventuality – they’ll be up-to-date on the latest goings-on and guidelines to keep you safe.

Control numbers

If you’re hosting an open-ended event and haven’t introduced a ticketing system, then having a security guard could help you to control attendance numbers. If you’re not looking to limit the number of attendees, investing in security personnel can ensure individual stalls or areas aren’t overcrowded, which is especially important this year with the coronavirus. 

Keep out unruly guests

When you work with a company that offers facilities management services such as event stewarding and bouncer services, you’ll have confidence that only guests that have been invited can attend your function, and no unruly or uninvited people can sneak into the proceedings and benefit from your free bar. A good ticketing or wristband system can also benefit you in this instance, allowing you to tightly control the people who enter the venue.

Get back your deposit

Okay, we’re getting into hypothetical territory now, but say for example, you were hosting a business event and a fight broke out between two competing businesses. Glasses are smashed, wine is spilled, and you’re forced to forfeit your deposit on the venue hire. This is a perhaps unlikely scenario, but it’s not totally impossible. Knowing that behaviour is being closely monitored and guests need to stay professional and courteous. Simply put, hiring a security guard is a cost-effective solution – though check the venue doesn’t include one first.

Why do you hire security guards? Let us know in the comments section below and check back to the blog soon for more advice on running a successful event for your business.


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