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How to Host a Virtual Baby Shower for a Professional Woman

Baby showers can be a lot of fun in real life, but when you host a virtual one it can be fun as well just as long as you are up for the challenge. Social media has allowed people to make friend from all walks of life and even get more insights about people than you would if you knew them in real life. If you want to have some fun with a virtual baby shower for one of your professional friends, use the tips below.

Create an Event on Facebook. The easiest way to do this is through an “event” on Facebook. Here you can invite all her friends and she can leave information you may need without the whole world seeing it (with the exception of the government of course).

Have all the women practice mothering skills. Mothers are supreme multi-taskers. One way to play this game to have the women go get something to drink, then follow a list of silly tasks. The woman who gets back to her computer first with her drink wins the game.

Play the question game. Children see mothers as all-knowing, so she has to be prepared to answer anything. Ask bizarre questions and the first woman to get the right answer wins that round. For insurance, you might ask what is a treadmill desk (note: professional women likely work around this every day but probably have no idea what it is). Why is the sky blue? How long is forever? These are just some samples.


Offer virtual gifts. The mother-to-be may not want to give her physical address out, so you can always give her virtual gifts like Amazon.com cards, links to free books for Kindle, iTunes funds, or even give her donations to PayPal. If you really want to make a group effort and she allows you to have her address, purchase items from friends in the group who sell things online. You might even ask them to donate items as prizes for the games!

Handling your business better through automating your accounts payable

When handling your own business, you would always want things to run smoothly. No backlogs, no problems in monitoring, no problems in billing, and certainly no issues when it comes to work performances. One of the hardest parts to monitor in any business and one which almost always has problems is the accounts payables department, or the accounting department for short. And this is crucial because all the money passes through here so there should always be accuracy and preciseness in this section of a business. In the last decade or so, some modifications, including check printing software, have come to light that can help ease the burden on the work of this department, and this is via the help of accounts payable automation.

Accounts payable automation is the process by which you have a computer system which handles everything that is related to accounting. From simple billing computations, to sorting out the different areas and responsibilities in the office, and automating bills to clients and even payments made. Everything is electronically recorded here, every detail of transaction, every bill and every payment, so there is always a trail that you can follow and go back to each time you need it. This is really helpful because not only does it help ease the work in the accounting department, but it eliminates paper trails, minimizes errors, and certainly speeds up the process in any business. Everything seems to be always at the ready with this. Just input data or set goals and dates into the system, and it will be done in a flash.

Many businesses now offer accounts payable automation systems to many companies, and a quick Google will reveal hundreds of software developers that has this system. One of these is Piracle.com, which has certainly made a name by providing excellent, custom made accounts payable automation software to its clients over the last few years. You should try it too because it may be just what your business needs at this time.

Government Shutdown is for Winter: Plan Trips for Spring

The Government shutdown has everyone feeling stressed and worried. Some have already been furloughed from their jobs, and there’s the possibility that more will be. National parks and monuments have also been shut down, and its depressing to many that they can’t go out and enjoy some of the best things that the United States has to offer because of the shutdown.

So, during times like these, it is important to remember that spring will come, both literally and figuratively. Spring will come in the sense that the government shutdown will end, and spring will come in the sense that eventually months will pass and it will be April. So, one of the best ways to stay positive is to take advantage of that knowledge, and plan a trip for spring. Some of the best sights in the world are here in the U.S., and once they’re available again, the trip will be worth it.

One of the top places to visit is Moab, Utah. The scenery is unique, offering breathtaking desert and rock formations, while at the same time being home to a beautiful forest in the LaSal Mountains. In addition to bike paths, hiking trails, rock climbing, and river rafting, Moab also has a great small-town scene, with a lot of great local businesses and restaurants. There also have been a fair amount of movies filmed around the town (such as The Lone Ranger, After Earth, 127 Hours, and more) so the Moab Lodging options can get very nice as well. Or, one could check to see if there are any Moab condo rentals available. Either way, there are a lot of options, and the trip is guaranteed to be a beautiful one.

Google Releases Web Designer: a Tool for Building Mobile Ads and Websites

On September 30th, Google released Web Designer, their new HTML5 web design and ad tool. It is available for download for both Mac and Windows, and has been called a “professional-quality design tool” by Google. It is also available for free, which helps to give it a leg up when compared to other programs like Adobe Mouse and Reflow. Whether one is a college student learning the ropes, an individual wanting to build their own site, or a Utah web design firm, it is clear that this tool will be of great assistance.

The Web Designer was partially made to allow advertisers to easily create ads for both desktop and mobile devices. It is expected that mobile and tablet work will increase by 41% over the next year, so it’s vitally important for advertisers to get a jumpstart on it. Google further states that until recently, advertisers “didn’t have the tools they needed to easily develop content fit for today’s cross-screen experiences”, and now Web Designer is helping them do just that. As a result, it may be wise for businesses like Salt Lake SEO companies to take advantage of such technology in order to increase revenue for themselves and their clients.

Web Designer allows the user to create Double Click media ads, AdMob mobile ads, animations, single-page websites, and more. Some of the features work only for ads, but Google is going to expand it so that all of the features work for web design as well.

In addition, the tool can team up with other programs such as JavaScript and CSS in order to edit and fine-tune the websites or ads. Most excitingly, Web Designer allows the user to manipulate all of their code directly by using a built-in editor. It also lets one quickly preview creations and is compatible with every browser installed on the user’s machine. Other features include: the ability to create 3-D content with CSS3, a timeline to keep track of animations, and a set of pre-components for maps, galleries, and embedded videos.

This new tool will help advertisers stay on top of a rapidly evolving business, and demonstrates how versatile mobile devices can be.

Experimenting with Accountable Care Organizations

The Affordable Care Act has been in action for a while now. One of the biggest changes it is bringing to the healthcare industry involve Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). ACOs are designed to evaluate patient care, and help pick the option that is best for the patient and cost-effective. ACOs are made up of groups of providers that have an assigned budget per patient. The idea, according to nationaljournal.com, is “that doctors will better coordinate care to prevent wasteful or ineffective treatment.” However, there is some debate as to how effective ACOs actually are.

Some of the dissenters cite the overuse of C-sections as an example. C-sections are more profitable to doctors and hospitals, but can be dangerous to the mother and child. In a study comparing physician mothers to college-graduate mothers, physicians were prone to forgoing C-sections as they understood the risk involved. Their babies were often healthier than the college graduate mothers, who had more C-sections done. Despite placements of ACOs, desire to reduce C-sections appears to be low.

Others still say that ACOs will help to change payment incentives by reducing the number of unnecessary medical procedures. “With accountable care organizations, the theory is that if the provider does a good job taking care of the patient, something the insurer can track with quality metrics, the patient’s health will be better, they will use fewer and less expensive services, and, therefore, they will cost less to insure,” nationaljournal.com states.

In order to test these issues, medicare is running two trial versions of the program. In one version, providers are rewarded for coming in under budget and it has no downside risk. In another, providers can suffer losses if they go over budget, but are rewarded when they go under budget. According to these trails, the results are mixed, but overall only time will tell if ACOs will truly be an improvement to the healthcare system.


Innovative Hybrid Laser Hits Market

In Germany, manufacturer Hameul Maschinenbau was given an award for their HSTM 1000 versatile hybrid laser. The award was presented at EMO Hannover, a metalworking trade fair. The machines are judged based on innovation, efficiency, and the engineering process. The laser itself is capable of adapting NC paths to the workpiece geometry, measuring components, and laser milling, cladding, turning, and polishing.

The hybrid laser would be of great help in a machine shop, as it can also remanufacture important metal components, such as turbine blades. This essentially recycles high-valued parts, rather than having to manufacture entirely new ones. This has the added bonus of reducing costs. As new pieces would not have to be remade, it saves time and money on manufacturing.

The machine works by combining five different technologies: Laser cladding, five-axis CNC milling, inspection, robot polishing, and laser marking. Laser cladding is based on welding, and allows material to be fused onto the parts that need to be repaired. In addition there is an automatic method that allows the machine to change between manufacturing processes as easily as one might change gears in a car.

For an example, the laser could be used to fix a worn impeller blade. With the hybrid machine, it would be possible to mill off the worn material, and then use cladding to build the material back up. A second machining operation, using the five-axis milling, would then make the final shape, creating a smooth transition between the original material and the improve one. Polishing and laser marking can be used to complete the project if needed. Lastly, the part inspection would ensure accuracy throughout the stages of building.

As lasers are such a huge part of industrial machining, it is easy to see how useful this hybrid would be, and it is likely that it will soon be a part of machine shops everywhere.



Exercise and Happiness

The University of British Columbia (UBC) recently published a study in Psychological Science, declaring that there is a known gene variant that increases negative thinking. In particular, the gene can cause people to process emotional events, such as negative ones, more vividly than others. The professor of psychology at UBC, Rebecca Todd, said: “The findings suggest people experience emotional aspects of the world partly through gene-colored glasses – and that biological variations at the genetic level can play a significant role in individual differences in perception.” However, there is also research to indicate that exercise can help manage emotional turmoil.

The gene, known as ADRA2b, was previously associated with emotional memory, but the study suggests that the gene also effects current perception of those emotions. The study itself used 200 participants, and all of them were shown groupings of words ranging from positive to neutral to negative. Those with the ADRA2b were shown to notice negative words more than those without the gene. Though further research is required, it is still a step forward in understanding how genetics can affect individuals in terms of emotion and subjectivity. Professor Todd further goes on to say that individuals with the gene are “…more likely to pick out angry faces in a crowd of people…Outdoors, they might notice potential hazards – places you could slip, loose rocks that might fall – instead of seeing the natural beauty.”

However, even with a gene enforcing negativity, there is evidence that exercise can help to improve such feelings. Many people feel a rush after exercising, but the truth is that working out can help to improve negative emotions in the long run as well. Exercise causes the rise of hormones such as serotonin and dopamine, which bring feelings of happiness. In addition, exercise helps to create a substance known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which can protect the brain from disorders and help to repair damage from stress.

It is clear to see that exercising isn’t just for making the body healthy: it’s for making the brain healthy as well.  Click here to learn more.

CAE Receives $140 Million in Military Contracts

Today, the flight simulator and flight training company CAE was awarded a substantial amount of money in military contracts. The Canadian-based company will also use around $85 million for the United States CAE as well, with options included that are valued at an extra $50 million over the next five years. The new contracts are in addition to the annual ones that CAE has already announced, and are a part of the second quarter intake order.

The new contracts include a fourth year of training for the United States Air Force (USAF). The USAF has done this in previous years, and the training from CAE is expected to be another success. The training will use classrooms and simulators to help with the KC-135 air tanker and maintenance crew. Another part of the new contracts is for an undisclosed customer. The contract will have the CAE design and manufacture a military helicopter simulator.

In addition, the contracts will help the German Air Force as well. The CAE will help upgrade the German Air Force Tornado simulators to ensure combat effectiveness. They will also enhance the simulator interface system and address any other issues they might find.

CAE says that these contracts give opportunities to the company, the United States, and abroad, as more defense and security customers are looking to increase the use of simulators in training. Furthermore, CAE Group President Gene Colbattisto states: “These contracts with multi-year options enhance our visibility in an otherwise hard to predict defence environment. We have been increasingly focused on long-term training services contracts in the United States and around the world, which give our business greater predictability, and we see a solid pipeline of opportunities globally.”

In light of the government shutdown, it is a comfort to many to know that programs such as these will continue.

Benefits of Workout Videos

You may want to be able to keep up with the guys, but your body is a woman’s body and it has needs of its own. When men start giving birth, then you can worry about competing with them. For now, remember that you are a woman and want to tone different areas than a man. Workout videos for women and freestyle test strips can help you meet your weight loss goals because they offer their own unique qualities.

How many times have you seen an ad for an exercise class and thought about how much you would like to be able to be a part of that workout, but you were too embarrassed to join the class? You didn’t want the other women to make you look bad when you are already feeling bad about your body. Thanks to technology, you can use workout videos for women to learn that exact same workout, without the insecurity that makes you nervous around others.

When is the last time you worked out for even 20 minutes straight? Maybe you get about 10 minutes into the program, run out of breath and throw your hands up in the air in resignation. When you use workout videos for women, you don’t have to give up. You don’t have to feel like a failure. You know that millions of other women have felt the exact same way you feel. The difference is that this time you can just hit the “pause” button, take a timed break, and come back to finish the workout feeling guilt free.

Do you eat when you’re stressed? Workout videos for women offer you a new option. If you get stressed out you can always put the video in and work out some of your frustrations. It doesn’t matter what time it is because your video doesn’t care about time.  With workout videos you have a personal trainer at your disposal at all times!

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